In 2010 a collective of musicians, liturgists and artists began to imagine the possibility of worship in which each of us are invited to wander from mindless dogmas, stifling traditions and meaningless certainties towards a place of improvisation, contemplation and an uncontainable grace. The group now meets as Jazz Church.

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New Website

We have a new website!

Find out more at www.jazzcommunity.church

Jazz Carols, Jazz Community Church and more!

Well it has been a while since the last update and I would love to say that we have been sitting on a beach in the Bahamas but there has been so much going on!

Last time I shared the new vision for us to begin a new church in Birmingham. We have been praying and planning and we are going to be launching this church next year. I look forward to sharing more details with you as they emerge.

Jazz Carols – St MartinsJazz Carols 2016 St Martins

In the meantime Jazz Carols is back!! On 11th December at 4:30pm we will be at St Martin in the Bull Ring for a service of traditional carols with a jazz twist. We would love to see you there along with friends and family. Do let us know if you are coming via the facebook event or the page on eventrbite. If you are around in town before hand to do some shopping then watch out – the musicians may be out and about!

Jazz Carols – Central Hall, Coventry

Jazz Carols Coventry Central Hall

If you are more in the Coventry direction then we are teaming up with Central Hall for a similar event on Wednesday 14th December.

It is absolutely free and again we would love to know you are coming on facebook.

Charity Concert – Derby

On Saturday 12th November the Big Band were at Woodlands Evangelical Church in Derby to raise money to support Christian work in Kosova. We also recorded the concert to release as a CD so watch this space.

We hope to see you at one of the upcoming events.

Adam and the team.

Sing a new song

Jazz Church at Central Hall April 2016

Well we had a great time at St Martin in the Bullring and Central Hall in Coventry last month! Some new charts including the gospel classic “People get Ready” were interspersed with sounds stories and thoughts including some reflections on the life of Martin Luther King Jr. The message of partner with God and others (some of whom we might not always see eye to eye!) working towards a better world was heard loud and clear.

Lots of exciting news and forthcoming plans and more dates coming soon, keep your eye on the website.

Upcoming Events

It is almost time for the next round of Jazz Church worship gatherings. Why not come along to St Martins in the Bull Ring Sunday 17th April at 4:30pm where the Jazz Church Big Band will be leading the music alongside some interesting thoughts and reflections on life and faith.

Jazz Church Birmingham April 2016

The following week the band will be at Coventry Central Hall where the mocktail bar will be open and things will be kicking off at 4:00pm.

Central Hall Jazz Church April 2016

In other news things are progressing well in Jazz Community Church, more details to follow soon.

Happy New Year!

Jazz Carols at St Martins 2015

And what a fantastic end to 2015 with the Jazz Carols service at St Martin in the Bull Ring. We had 300 people in attendance drawn in by the flash mobs around the city, the music and the festive spirit. It was great to sing carols together and explore the meaning of the Christmas story.

Jazz Carols at St Martins 2015

The Big Band will be back at St Martins on Sunday 17th January at 5pm (FB Link) for a Jazz Church service including plenty of live music and some thoughts on life and faith. We will also be at Central Hall in Coventry on Sunday 24th January (FB Link) this time at the earlier afternoon time of 4pm. Come along to enjoy the music, preaching and the fantastic mocktails!

Jazz Church St Martins January 2016

We meet on Friday 8th January as Jazz Community Church in the coffee shop at St Martins to start “Finding the Groove” a book by Robert Gelinas.

Hope to see you soon and many blessings for 2016.

A Jazzy Christmas

On Sunday 13th December the Jazz Church Big Band will be at St Martin in the Bullring for a service of Traditional Carols with a Jazz Twist! Why not doing some Christmas shopping and drop in for some great music and an opportunity to sing some carols.

Jazz Carols at St Martin in the Bullring

Connect with us on Facebook through the event page here:


If you can’t wait until then why not drop into Jazz Community Church on Friday 4th December in the Coffee Shop at St Martin’s at 7pm, it would be great to see you there for collaborative worship, teaching and some refreshments!


A New Season

Shirley Jazz Church Poster October 2015

September is over which means the October Jazz Church gatherings are on the horizon! Much is changing as Jazz Church enters a new chapter… we are shifting our attention to Birmingham City Centre as Jazz Community Church begins to grow. Therefore we are both sad and excited to announce that October 18th will be our final regular worship gathering at Shirley Methodist Church. We have had a long and excellent relationship with Shirley as Jazz Church came to birth and then grew and developed into everything that it is today. However, the time is right for us to leave home to go into the big wide world! From January the quarterly worship gatherings will take place at St Martin in the Bullring at 4:30pm on a Sunday afternoon.

Central Hall Jazz Church Poster October 2015

So we hope you can join us at Shirley on 18th October in Coventry on 25th. Both services will begin at 7:30pm with drinks available before hand. The Big Band will be playing a new set of music and Andi will be preaching on the theme of “innovation”.

Jazz Community Church October 2015

Last Friday saw the first gathering of Jazz Community Church! We had a great evening of conversation, excellent food and hearing about how things are going to develop. Please continue to pray as things unfold!

First 12 months flyer

Hope to see you at a future gathering.


Jazz Church Update

Time for a Jazz Church update! In July we entered into the summer spirit by having a later start time of 7:30pm and going for a more relaxed musical feel. It was good to have a couple of new musicians in the band – Steve on Guitar and Reed on Bass. Adam shared some thoughts around the theme of vitality, life in all its fullness and abundance and the Jazz Church band put music to some of the ideas by dipping into the Jazz repertoire with arrangements and tunes from Charles Lloyd and B. B. King.

At the two services in Shirley and in Coventry Adam also shared a new vision for the next chapter for Jazz Church…
“At Jazz Church we feel that part of our mission is to help people to live fuller, better lives. To be the sort of people, the sort of life improvisers that they were made to be. We want to help people master the art of living. So we have begun setting our sights on something larger. For a while we have exploring the possibility of doing this within a community which is wider than just musicians, technicians etc, people like you and me who have a desire to master life for the sake of the kingdom of God. We have a dream of a church where creatives can find a space to be who God made them to be, a place for thinkers to ask the deep, difficult questions, a place where we can work through them together.

So that is where we are heading, it is very exciting times for us. In October we are going to start gathering on a monthly basis in Birmingham City Centre to start the journey. If some of the themes, stories, questions, music or approach resonates with you then we would love you to be a part of our church.

We have a preliminary website live at www.jazzcommunity.church. The first date is October 2nd September venue to be announced but you can signup on the website. We will be sharing a meal together on that first evening so do let us know if you are going to be there.”

The quarterly events at Shirley and Coventry will continue as usual, the next ones being Sunday 18th October at 7:30pm (Shirley) and Sunday 25th October at 7:30pm (Coventry). Please do continue to pray for us as we enter this exciting new chapter!

July Worship Gatherings

Dear all,

Not long now until the July Jazz Church worship gatherings in the usual venues:

Sunday 19th July at Shirley Methodist Church 6:45pm for refreshments, 7:30pm-9:00pm main event.

Sunday 26th July at Central Hall, Coventry 7pm for non-alcoholic cocktails 7:30pm-9:00pm main event.

Here are some links to the facebook events, please do share and invite!



Adam will be sharing some thoughts on the value of “Vitality” and we look forward to welcome some new members into the band alongside the regulars to lead the worship.

Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Events

We are looking forward to a visit to BCC on Sunday where the Big Band will be leading worship! Why not coming and join us for one of the two services? 9:00am and 11:15am.

Jazz Church at BCC 2014

Beyond this Sunday our next regular events are fast approaching! On Sunday 19th July we will be at Shirley Methodist Church (Facebook Event) at the new time of 7:30pm with refreshments from 6:45pm. Adam will be sharing some thoughts on the subject of “Vitality”.

Jazz Church at Shirley Methodist July 2015

After that we will be at Central Hall in Coventry on Sunday 26th July again at the new time of 7:30pm (Facebook Event).

Jazz Church at Central Hall July 2015


All the events are on the calendar on the events page. You can also subscribe if you use an electronic diary.

We hope to see you at one of the upcoming events!



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